What’s Your Home Décor Personality Type

About us

Since last four decades we at Nirmals believe  that right selection of eclectic home furnishing fabrics when unites with expressions of romance, beauty & vibrancy takes your designs to the extraordinary with limitless options.

We are one of the leading and finest home furnishing brands, engaged in sourcing & customizing premium range of home textile from across the globe

At Nirmals we are constantly steering ourselves to calibrate with the creative & at times customizing for the home furnishing industry with unique personality, style, and creativity.

 We beautifully unite luxury & style to serve range of customers from high street retailers to commercial and institutional buyers, architect, reputed interior designers to bespoke luxury projects including homes, hotels & luxury projects.

Our manufacturing partners are predominantly European textile mills from Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal providing some of the most beautiful upholstery, soft furnishing, carpets & rugs, wallpapers and other decorative.

Innovation being one of our strong points, our team of designers aims at bringing in new trends to match your design aesthetics

For us, innovation, exploration and designing for home decoration is a never-ending journey