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Where Vintage Meets Nouveau Style: Let Your Homes Do The Talking!

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A home that balances old school and new age decor, traditional and contemporary sensibilities, and vintage and nouveau style is truly a masterpiece. Requiring a fair amount of experimentation, Nirmals Furnishings is here to help you create the perfect blend.

    1. The first thing to always keep in mind during picking up home décor items is to make sure they reflect your taste and lifestyle. Avoid buying all your furniture in one go, sleep over your choices, place them in your home, and paint a picture of a wholesome room before heading out to home furnishing stores and making your next buy.
    2. When looking to strike a fine balance between the old and the new, don’t shy away from contrasting combinations, like vintage upholstery fabrics on a modern piece of furniture.
    3. Art in the form of home furnishings and home décor items can instantly mix things up. You can combine modern decorative ironwork and cast metal home décor items with vintage furnishings like an antique rug.
    4. You can ditch the grandeur of elaborate curtains and choose modern and minimal blinds and complement it with intricately carved vintage wooden frames and fixtures.
    5. Rather than wall tiles, choose luxury wallpapers with nouveau motifs. Finish the look with vintage style furniture against these wallpapers.
    6. The key is to let the opposite sensibilities attract by experimenting with unique décor placements, over-the-top luxury home décor items, cozy colors and accented walls with modern wallpapers. When one style starts overpowering the other, step back and find a way to balance it out and make it cozy enough.

  1. Don’t just stop at home décor items, bring the two styles together even in the lighting – table lamps, chandeliers, or floor kept lanterns, take your pick and extend the theme.
  2. The creative juxtaposition of vintage and nouveau style means a marriage between comfort and elegance, simplicity and sophistication, and beauty and convenience.

The truth is that there’s no sure shot way of merging two schools of décor. It is eventually a manifestation of your ideas and imagination. You have to be patient during the process and let the décor interact with each other, but always have a bigger picture in mind and play it out with one home décor item at a time.

Create your chic personalized style with a wide range of luxury home décor at Nirmals Furnishings, one of the oldest home furnishing stores where legacy meets innovation and where there is no end to your search for home décor items that not only fit your sensibilities but also fit your pocket.

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