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What’s Your Home Décor Personality Type?

What’s Your Home Décor Personality Type

Our homes are often a perfect reflection of our personality. Different colors, different aesthetics, different arrangements, and different usability – home décor is the perfect canvas for you to paint a beautiful picture of a home and life of your choice.

The easiest way to lend a personal touch to your home décor is by choosing soft furnishings like cushion covers, curtains, etc. that instantly transform the look of your house without much investment and efforts.

Here’s a complete guide to help you include home furnishing items, from the biggest spread of catalog from Nirmals Furnishings in Kirti Nagar, Delhi, based on your personality type:

  1. The Bohemian

A splash of colors or trippy abstract prints, choose from a range of cushion covers and upholstery fabrics to deck up your home with chic bohemian vibes that are always lively and welcoming.

  1. The Minimalist

Solid colors and clean finishes in neutral tones – you can choose from a range of designer cushion covers, curtains, blinds, and modern wallpapers to amp up your home with minimalist aesthetics so that you don’t have to look for peace and serenity outside.

  1. The Nature Enthusiast

Lush leaves, fresh blooms, seasonal prints and marine inspiration – home furnishing items that lend brightness and fresh vibes to your interiors and always make you feel like you’re walking in an open meadow of sunshine and pure bliss.

  1. The Glam Socialite

Love to host people and love doing up your home with the shiniest and luxurious home décor? Fret not, Nirmals Furnishings are the personification of panache and design and the right choice for you to add exquisite luxury to your home. Right from designer cushion covers to every possible luxury home decor item, you are sure to land up with the best deals here. Metallic finishes, blingy golds, lush embroideries, and opulent patterns – choose your glamour statement.

  1. The Geometry Lover

A sucker for well-defined patterns in lines and circles – get treated to a collection of home furnishing items that are eclectic and unique. Classic geometric designs with a touch of luxury, treat your geometric obsession with contemporary styles and patterns.

  1. The Reader

Want your house to speak to you, literally? Choose cushion covers with words, phrases or quotes that inspire or entertain you every time you look at them. Great for gifting purposes and as conversation starters, use them for your living room and/or bedroom to bestow your home with a personal style statement.

While there is no dearth of home furnishing stores in Delhi, Nirmals Furnishings has been a name to reckon with for home décor in India for over 30 years. With an exhaustive portfolio of home furnishing items that are reasonably priced, Nirmals Furnishings gives you enough options to express your personality in style through wide-ranging home décor. A home furnishing store where classic meets the contemporary, tradition meets modern, and innovation meets designs, and your choices are always kept in mind, Nirmals Furnishings is your one-stop shop to keep exploring and creating a better lifestyle for yourself.

About Nirmals Furnishings

We are one of the leading and finest home furnishing brands, engaged in sourcing & customizing premium range of home textile from across the globe. At Nirmals we are constantly steering ourselves to calibrate with the creative & at times customizing for the home furnishing industry with unique personality, style, and creativity.

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