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Unveiling spring-summer curtains for bespoke living


Curtains, blinds or drapes are often a secondary focus when we think of home décor, after bigger pieces of furniture, wall paint, floor tiles, etc. However, curtains are a great way to change the look and feel of a room without spending a lot of money and/or time. When you think of spring, you think of a whiff of fresh greens, sunny days, and bright florals.
In a spring-summer frame of mind? Let’s give your home a quick makeover with curtains that breathe life into your rooms.

  1. All things sunny

It is the perfect time to open your drapes and let your room soak in some natural light. Sheer curtains in organza, tissue, tulle, muslin, malmal cotton, voile and net, with an option of an added layer for privacy, create a dreamy look and lend an airy feel to your space. Sheer curtains make a great choice for bedroom curtains. You can let the sheer curtains allow natural night in the morning and layer them up as the day goes by to protect your room from overly heating. They allow for great ventilation as these sheer curtains easily let air pass. Add an element of romance with lace trimmings to your bedroom curtains! Sheer curtains are breathable and come in a variety of colours, the most popular ones being ivory, gold, etc. that makes them easy to mix and match if you are going for double-layered bedroom curtains.

  1. All things bright and beautiful

With Pantone declaring Living Coral as the colour of the year, vibrant colours are being widely accepted as the go-to choice for living room curtains. Bringing an element of fun to your home décor,  vibrant coloured curtains instantly spruce up your home décor game. If you are sceptical about introducing bright hues to your home décor, curtains are the best way to take that first experimental step. Other bright hues that work great as living room curtains are turquoise, shades of yellow, tonal reds and pinks.

  1. All things blue

Shades of blue never go out of style as both bedroom curtains or living room curtains. They provide a great backdrop for solid wooden furniture and can easily provide that necessary pop of colour against an otherwise somber home décor.

  1. All things experimental

Spring is the season to shed all inhibitions and let your imagination take flight! Experiment with jewel and luxurious tones for your living room curtains. Printed curtains with baroque motifs, florals, ghinghams or stripes are a great addition to your home décor.

With the ease of the internet, you can surf through home décor ideas as well as a large collection of ready-made curtains online with a few clicks. Nirmals Furnishings is one such brand that takes care of all your home décor needs, whether it ready-made curtains, cushion covers, home linen, wallpapers, and other decorative accessories and items. Ready-made curtains are an easy and effortless way to introduce colours and themes to your home décor.

About Nirmals Furnishings

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