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The Latest Trends in Soft Furnishing – 2019 Edition

The Latest Trends in Soft Furnishing - 2019 Edition

Every year brings with itself new trends in fashion, home décor and other aspects of lifestyle. If you are about to revamp your home décor or design it from scratch, then here are some easy to adopt trends to keep it up-to-date with the latest in 2019:

  1. Nature-Inspired

Natural textures like that of wood and bamboo are being increasingly used in home décor to stress on the proximity and connection between humans and nature. Lots of green plants, wooden floorings, wood bark style and cane furniture and other nature-inspired home furnishing items are being appreciated by many because it reminds them to connect with nature in an otherwise technology-dominated life. Handcrafted and recycled furniture are some of recent home décor trends for 2019.

  1. Flower Power

Blank walls are a thing of the past. Luxury wallpapers with ornate floral motifs for the accent wall are an ongoing trend to liven up an otherwise dull room. Fabrics, as well as other home furnishing items, are using more and more florals to introduce an element of spring and joy into home décor. Florals and decorative designs are being widely used on luxury wallpapers, plush curtains and modern blinds.

  1. Light to Lighten

Lamps and lights are replacing traditional tube lights and the styles available in these are endless. Lamps and lights that take up less space on the table and are easily fixed on the walls are a great way to bring modern lighting trends into your house. They can pass off as a decorative piece of art as well as serve the lighting purpose. Vintage, modern, sleek, contemporary, colourful, you name it, you’ll find a style that matches your home décor.

  1. Black is the New Black

While people have been extremely wary of using black inside their homes for their interiors and home décor, the beauty of black is being appreciated now. From luxury wallpapers to home furnishing items, black is all over 2019. You could introduce black in an accent wall, or start with home linen, cushion covers, bedspreads, etc.

  1. Maximalist Luxury

Gone are the days of minimalism, 2019 is all about grandiose in home décor, luxury wallpapers, and statement home furnishing items. Go all out and bring an element of yourself in your home décor. Experiment with jewel tones in emerald, gold, silver, etc. and plush fabrics like velvet.

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