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Spruce up your home décor to fill you with festive cheers

Spruce up your home décor to fill you with festive cheers

Sprucing up your living space can never be achieved with a specific algorithm. The entire idea revolves around the matter of creativity. Use of soft furnishings, a variety of color palette and a pinch of embellishments in the right portion makes all the difference in bringing out a fabulous result!

With the onset of the festive season, let’s rejoice in the spirit of happy colors& textures. This year, shades of violet have ruled the trend charts in respect to home décor and interior. From the opulence of regal purple to the softness of lilac, this year color trend is about creating a balance. But, if desired to have your personal creative energy blend-in your décor, then this read is certainly for you.

Beautifying a home requires a deep thought of color and theme synchronization so that the outcoming results may breathe in the perfect positive aura around you. So, this festive season let’s work on adding a new dimension to your living abode with soft furnishings from Nirmal Furnishings. One can incorporate a mix of solid colored and printed curtains. A combination of both brings cheerfulness to the room. On the other hand, for a rich and regal look, drapes work wonderfully. Yes, curtains and drapes are two different things and are made of different types of fabrics. If you wish to have curtains that add character to your home, opt for sheer and lightweight fabrics in soft colors, but for drapes, you must select heavy and dark-hued fabrics. To inject a fresh outlook, let’s try out having two layers of a curtain –covering the window with a sheer fabric as the first curtain and then layering it with a printed fabric as the main curtain. Hence, selecting the right curtain or drape accentuates the style quotient of the entire décor.

Going beyond curtains and drapes, another element that adds character to the theme of your home is rugs. Do you know, how much a rug can add to that oh-so-wow look of your home? Soft fabrics of the rugs with statement designs inspired by global trends must bring on your floor a combination of both comfort and exquisiteness. For a spa-worthy feeling, spread out a plush rug in your living or bedroom, this must be in sync with your décor theme. Don’t go wrong with the size while choosing the rugs.

From floor to walls, now let’s take a look at the interesting use of tapestry as wall art. Giant fabric in attention-grabbing prints and colors make the best of tapestry wall art. Accentuate the look by using pretty fairy lights and add a personal touch to that corner of your space.

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