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Let’s Add Texture To Your Space

So, did you just moved into a new home? And you’re unsure how to do the entire interior décor to turn this house into your beautiful living abode? Let us help you in keeping your home décor worries at bay. Nirmal Furnishings offer the most impeccable and stunning collection of home décor and linens.

While doing the interiors, one of the pivotal things which are missed often is to work on how to add the right dose of texture to their home décor. Texture in interior décor is majorly added by the use of fabrics, a little pattern play and the right selection of colour palette. The choice of colour, pattern and texture bring out a statement-making amalgamation which turns your everyday space into everyone’s conversation starter. Introducing the right dose of texture that reflects an impactful appearance with a dramatic feel. It is always a good idea to incorporate texture in every room of the home, in the form of bed linens, rugs, upholstery, wallpapers and curtains. But, over and over again curtain’s role towards the addition of texture to any room is left ignored.

Texture plays a key ingredient in adding dimension to any room. Hanging the right curtain can bring out the look for your room. Gone are the days when curtains were only used for privacy, today curtains and blinds are decorative elements which turn your favourite corner into a cozy space or simply adds elegance. With a plethora of choices available in the market, you certainly have to look through or the right selection of curtains. The choice of fabric, pattern, and colour of curtain can transform your mundane space into a textured space.

Having a beautiful wallpaper and pleated curtain in sync with each other creates a harmonious accent. This will elevate the look of the entire room and surely the guests won’t stop complimenting it. If you’re not much fond of curtains, blinds work beautifully in adding a textural treatment to your window panels. On the other hand, the pleated wave style and the eyelet head style curtains are gaining popularity in the trend chart. Rending a beautiful fall to the curtains, these styles work magically in uplifting the décor of the room, with a hint of textural essence.

Choice of patterns of the curtains also makes a big impression. While a floral print in pastel palettes introduces a romantic and softer texture to the room, while if you pick geometric prints it will bring a vibrant and happy feel to the décor. Similarly, the curtain fabric can also bring in a lot of difference to the entire textural appeal. Velvets, being a heavy fabric bring a regal and richer look, sheer curtains teamed up with blackout curtains spruce up the look by incorporating the perfect dose of texture.

It’s always a good idea to add texture, but don’t overdo it. Too much texture can also clutter up any space. So, the ideal route is to maintain a balance, in terms of colour, pattern, fabric, pleats and texture of curtains. Ideal way is to play it up and spruce up a boring room into a conversation starter by adding curtains and blinds as textured layers.


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