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Home Decor Guide: Be Your Designer

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Every space in your house has its own unique characteristic, just like the people who live in it – each with a different set of aesthetics and aspirations. Here’s a quick guide to transforming your house into a home.
Living Room
Living rooms are where you spend most of your awake time and a well-decorated living room can definitely help you make that first impression on your visitors.

  1. To achieve the minimalist look, stick to neutral colors like off-white, grey, beige and brown – these colors will add more dimension and depth. For someone who wants to add extra character to their living room, choose striking and artistic wallpaper and cover your most loved and looked wall with gorgeous wall coverings.
  1. Invest in mirrors in shapes that go beyond the usual square, circle and rectangles. Explore hexagon or octagon shaped mirrors with rose gold edging or mirrors with large textured frames. You can also invest in large sized mirrors to make the room look bigger.
  1. Colorful rugs and cushions are a great way to accommodate a lot of guests comfortably at an informal party. You can also opt for low seating to make a small living room look spacious.
  1. Lighting is a slightly personal choice – while some people like brightly lit rooms, others like dimmer lights in warm whites. Lampshades and beautiful candle stands can go a long way in styling and brightening your room at the same time. You can devote a corner to floor kept ball lamps sprinkled with fairy lights.

Bed Room
A place of refuge and relaxation, the bedroom décor should always reflect your personality and send out vibes of comfort and positive energy.

  1. Rather than spending on an elaborate bed, we advice you to invest in high-quality mattresses for a truly luxurious sleeping experience. Throw in cushions of different sizes and colors to lend an extra dose of coziness and comfort.


  1. If you want to keep your bedroom minimal, you can choose not to have curtains at all and instead opt for fashionable and sleek blinds.
  1. A lamp and a holder for your knick-knacks are a must have for your bedside table. A wall clock in a bright color, a poster with your favorite author’s quote, or a wall painting can add a lot of character to your room. Your bedroom has to be your space, a place you identify with, a place you will never get tired of waking up to, a place that will always inspire you to be better.
  1. You can choose to add some color to your room by adding a sleek rug along the length or breadth of your bed.

Home Linen
Soft furnishings are accessories in the world of home decor that can completely change the vibe of any room. Try to find unique patterns, exciting embroideries, weave styles etc. to add an edgy factor. Experiment with different prints and patterns like nature-inspired, tribal, minimal, geometric, abstract in your upholstery to reflect your mood.
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