Go Bold: Let Colors do the Talking!

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Everything sparkles a little more during the festive season. The commencement of Ganesh Chaturthi brings along a scent of festivity in the air. The colorful merriment of Navratri and the festive fervor of Diwali breathes in an aura of happiness and positivity. This brings along a sense of excitement for everyone to add a dash of newness to their living abode.

For some it is about redoing the home with new paint and wallpapers, others introduce freshness with new furniture or décor while for a few it is all about revamping the entire home furnishing. Undoubtedly, a little playing around with the mix of drapes, upholstery, and linens can bring out a gorgeous amalgamation of color, texture, print, and embellishment.

It’s time to dress up your couch; sofa or bed with eclectic cushions and throws in a lively color mix. Our assortment of cushions celebrates diverse prints and patterns inspired from across the globe. Intricate embroideries, serene Ikats, Moroccan lattice prints, exquisite paisleys, and earthy block prints, each nomadic pattern have a story to tell.

If ‘minimalism’ is your thing then the ideal way to keep a sophisticated look is by maintaining a balance between neutrals and bright tones. Try to do your upholstery in a dark palette of navy or grey and throw some jewel tone cushions in order to channel some positive vibe.

Color trends in home décor are gaining popularity with each passing year. But, to create an impactful look of your home without going overboard, the perfect idea is to play around with the ongoing trends in order to create an effortlessly stylish décor. Talking about colours, let’s move on from cushions to the curtains because festive season often calls for the new ones.

So, let your guests be awestruck with beautiful drapes of curtains. Feminine flowers, interesting geometric patterns and rich jewel tones oozing regality, will render a fresh appeal to your room. Blinds and curtains with soft floral prints look lovely throughout the year. Whether you wish to have a festive makeover or redo your space during Spring, blooming flowers always lend a fresh appeal to each and every corner of a room.

For a luxe treatment to your windows, opt for opulent jewel tone curtains in sumptuous fabrics of velvet and suede. Feel like a king or queen at your palace with such rich textural imprints. Lastly, let’s not forget geometry plays a pivotal role in our lives and not just in Mathematics! Fascinating play of shapes and symmetry breathes in life to structural patterns. Attention-grabbing spheres and a web of rhombus pattern can add a new dimension to your curtain, cushion covers and bed linens.

After a tiring day, one certainly wishes to have a sound sleep in the lap of luxury. Nothing beats the comfort and softness of our latest selection of bed linens. Our line of breathable linens in gorgeous color palette is what you need to own to complete the colorful look of your home.

So, let’s add some happy colors to your home with Nirmal Furnishing.

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