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5 Home Décor Essentials, Not To Be Missed

If you are one of those who love decorating their home with unique décor accessories and follow numerous home interior bloggers to seek inspiration from their décor tips, you will certainly enjoy this read. Because today, we will share with a list of décor essentials which turns your living space into a home that you love!

Decorative Pillows

We have always loved the idea of how a simple decorative cushion could brighten up any space. Throwing a group of colourful cushions on the bed or couch can instantly dress it up and turn it into a cozy corner. What makes decorative cushions a must-have is the way it brings along a mix of style and comfort. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor space, one can opt from a massive array of designs spanning from geometric, damask, floral patterns to solid and neutral coloured cushions.

Rugs and Mats

If you ever thought rugs won’t add much essence to the décor, think again. Brightly coloured, beautiful patterned and intricately woven rugs introduce texture and colour to your living space. Contemporary rugs with eye-catching geometric patterns in vivid hues or the traditional ones featuring subtle paisleys and floral patterns can instantly transform your home, adding symmetry and sense of depth to the room.
These days, even for kid’s room one can find a myriad selection of designs in rugs and mats to complement the entire theme of their rooms. Starting from spaceships, jungles, airplanes to fairy tales and numeric & alphabets, the design choices are plenty.

Flowers & Vases

Decorating a home is a very personal experience; from picking a rug, bed linens, wall art to dinnerware. But one piece which is often used to bring liveliness and to jazz up a boring corner of the house are flowers. Whether you fill up your statement vase with fresh flowers or faux floral sprays, their colours and beauty will introduce a sense of happiness around. If you’re not in support of faux flowers, fill up your bowl vase with dried petals or colourful pebbles to minimize the emptiness on the side table or shelf.

Bed Linens

These bed linens are made to suit any discerning bed lover. They come with assorted colours that are ideal bed essentials. They not just add that worthy feel but are must-haves for every bedroom. So, the next time you shop for home linens, don’t overlook the luxurious bed linens which are ideal picks that offer a boutique hotel feel!

Curtains, Blinds & Drapes

One of the most common and perfect idea to add texture to a living space is to treat your windows and doors with stunningly beautiful curtains, blinds and drapes. An empty window pane not only bars the privacy but also radiates a cold feel to the room.

No matter which season it is; style up your windows and doors with blinds and curtains, available in tons of options in the market. Adding a cozy and warm feel to the room, a window treatment is a must in home décor.

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